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I Dream of Hannie

A camp throwback to the 60s classic, I Dream of Hannie pays tribute to the loveable Jeannie. Watch in awe as Hannie manipulates 1-9 hoops and finishes in a spectacular hoop slinky of dazzling gold.

This act is suitable to an adult crowd as it incorporates an element of striptease.

This act was created for a season of Summer Treats, A YUMMY Production for Midsumma Festival, and has been performed for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival season of YUMMY, and The Kitten Club. 


Hula Hoop Hannie

A Neo burlesque hula hoop act, with sequins, smiling and a whole lot of Swarovskis! Incorporating striptease with hypnotic hooping, Hannie comes into her own on the stage in this signature piece.

Suitable for an adult crowd. This act was created for and performed at Miss Burlesque VIC 2015. It has since been performed as a Guest Artist at Frisk; A Sexy Pole Dance Competition, YUMMY Up Late, Heaps Gay Heaps YUMMY for Melbourne Music Week, La Soireè for Festival Deluxe at Chadstone, The International Stockholm Burlesque Festival and The Prague Burlesque Festival.


 Neon Kiki

Neon Kiki is a UV Glow hula hoop act. With styling inspired by Twiggy and the 1960s, all the costume, hula hoops and make up is UV reactive and will be sure to brighten up your night! Complete with lip syncing, fast paced hula hoop skills, go go boots and a 40+ rainbow hula hoop stack finale, this act is a show stopping cabaret gem.

Suitable for an adult crowd, but can be altered to suit all ages. This character is also available for roving.
Some of the places this act has been performed include YUMMY [Melbourne edition], YUMMY [Berlin Edition] at the Chamäleon Theatre Berlin,  Sydney Mardi Gras with Heaps Gay and YUMMY, MELT Bar and Restaurang Stockholm, and The Berlin Burlesque Festival. 



A fun, poppy hula hoop act set to a 90's classic hit that is sure to make you smile! Watch as Hannie comes to life on the stage, complete with a cheeky wink and a giggle. Impressive and playful manipulation of 1-7 hoops, this act finishes with a climactic stack of over 40 hoops! 

Suitable for all ages. This character is also available for roving.

Some of the places this act has been performed at include Pole Divas Aerial Unleashed, The High Voltage Varietease as a part of The Australian Burlesque Festival, and the Australian Tour of Circus Quirkus.


Prince Charming

This hilarious act has to be seen to be believed! Created for Twisted Tales of the Cynical Viewer Melbourne Fringe 2014, this classic fairytale has been turned on it's head in the most ridiculous way. Fast paced hula hoop skills teamed with uproarious character and comedy, this act will leave you in stitches!

This comedic act is suitable for an adult crowd. Prince Charming was created for Twisted Tales for the Cynical Viewer and performed at Melbourne Fringe.


Golden Goddess


A disco inspired aerial hoop act originally created for Sina King's Burlesque 54. Slow, sexy and constantly spinning, this act will leave you in a trance. Watch as the Golden Goddess showcases her awe inspiring strength and flexibility. 

Suitable for an adult crowd. This act was performed in a season of Burlesque 54 in Cairns QLD, and for the 2016 Australian Burlesque Festival.